Dealer Copilot makes the sales and fixed operations process more personal. In a world of auto-responders and cold follow-ups, our tools allow you to have an engaging, measurable and personal 1-to-1 sales process.


Easy to use dealership platform that lets you create a personalized sales experience.

FlipStitch™ Technology

Unique FlipStitch (patent pending) technology allows you to introduce yourself to customers and show the product they are inquiring about all in one seamless process.

Copilot Alert™

Get real time notifications with Copilot Alert! Be notified the minute your client views your video, enabling you to follow up instantly at peak interest.

CoPilot Training™

Using our industry-leading video tips and techniques, all your videos will be professional, engaging and create happier customers.

Copilot Metrics™

Track the effectiveness of your email campaigns with our built in analytics dashboard showing your open rates, views and other crucial metrics.

Integration with Industry Tools

Dealer Copilot tools integrate with industry-leading solutions. This helps your dealership stay connected and organized with minimal effort on your side.

Personalized Communication

Every time you contact a customer, it will be a personalized experience. This not only looks more professional, it creates a more unique result.